Knowing what it costs or not knowing, that’s the difference.

The advantages of knowing all the costs up front...

We remain the easiest way to get your credit repaired for one reason: all inclusive. This means you’re getting the best, with every option included, for a flat monthly fee.

Compare for Yourself...

Other Companies The Credit People®
$59 per mo.

Starting Credit Reports

Every company needs a copy of your credit reports (all three) before they can start. You either pay for them, or they charge you for them. (Never included in their fees)


$10 each report (you need all three)


Starting Credit Scores

How are you supposed to measure your results if you don’t know what your credit scores are when you start?


$7.95 each report (you need all three)


Ongoing Updated Credit Reports

We make sure that you receive your regularly scheduled credit reports. Many companies put this responsibility on you if you fail to receive your updated report(s)


Depending on the frequency


First Fee

You get the best service possible, at a price that's almost impossible. Each company might have a different fee, but no matter what it is, it’s more than ours.


Depending on the company


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